Personalised Wimbledon Tennis Book

  • Covers all Wimbledon Tennis sporting headlines since 1913

  • Beautiful hand made Leatherette Hardback bound book

  • Can be personalised with the recipients name on the cover

from £44.99

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Personalised Wimbledon Tennis Book - Gift Details

Relive the greatest Wimbledon Tennis Finals from the early 20th Century, captured in this beautiful hand made Leatherette Book.

Read about the tennis greats from the past and present as covered in the newspapers of the time. From Tony Wilding’s 4th Wimbledon win in 1913, Lacoste in the 1920s, Fred Perry’s win in 1934, Hoad and Gibson in the 50s, through to more modern greats such as Laver, Billie Jean King, Connors, Ashe, Evert, Borg, Navratilova, McEnroe, Becker, Graf, Sampras and many more.

Relive the greatest tennis legend’s moments of glory, all through newspaper coverage written by reporters who were present at the games at the time.


Personalise the Wimbledon Tennis Book by featuring the recipient’s name on the Certificate on the title page. The recipient’s name can also be gold embossed on the front cover.

Book Details

These personalised Tennis Books are ‘Tabloid’ size (38cm x 31cm), and beautifully bound in a burgundy hardback cover.

The biggest and best of Tennis over the last century. A must have for all Tennis lovers and a perfect personalised Tennis gift for a Wimbledon fan!

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Luxury Leather Cover

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Prestigious deluxe edition in leather with larger more extensive gold embossing


Premium Leatherette Cover

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Beautifully bound elegant leatherette cover with gold embossing